Foundation to Crack Coding Interview

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A well designed and structured foundational course to step up your journey towards your dream of working at Big Giants. This Course adds the missing piece to the puzzle of cracking the coding interview. Be it a beginner or someone missing the path, this course is the right solution for you.



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Time Period
45 Days of Course

Mode of Session

40+ Hours of Content

150+ Questions


Section 1: Language Construct
  • Variables and Data Types

  • Taking Input

  • Arithmetic Operators

  • If-Else

  • Continue and Break Statement

  • Comparison and Logical Operators

  • Program to check Odd Even

  • Scopes

  • Swapping 2 Numbers

  • Hour-Glass Puzzle

  • Home Work 1

  • Home Work 2

Section 2: Loops and Patterns
  • Loop – for loop
  • Sum of N numbers
  • Sum of number 1 to N
  • Factorial of a number
  • Whether a number is Prime or not
  • While Loop
  • More efficient Prime: Additional ?
  • LCM and GCD with Loops
  • Fibonacci Sequence up to N terms
  • Pattern 1 – 5
  • Home Work I
  • Home Work II
Section 3: Arrays and Array List
  • Intro to Arrays
    • Sum of Marks: Arrays Intro
    • Print 1 to N using arrays
  • Kadane’s Algorithm
  • Two pointer method
  • Bucketing
  • Prefix Sum
  • 2-D array
    • Rotate K times
    • Print Matrix
    • Print Diagonal Element of Matrix
    • Find row with largest row/col
    • Spiral Print
Section 4: String and String Builder
  • Intro

  • Print string

  • Count palindromic substrings

  • Toggle case

  • Remove duplicates

  • Odd Even

  • Immutability Discussion

  • Reverse the string · Longest Palindromic Substring

Section 5: Searching and Sorting
  • Bubble Sort

  • Insertion Sort

  • Selection Sort

  • Linear Search

  • Binary Search

    • Square Root

    • Painter’s Partition Problem

    • Matrix Median

Section 6: Time & Space complexity
  • Discussion

  • Time complexity analysis of various codes

Sections 7: Recursion and Backtracking
  • Factorial of a Number

  • Increasing

  • Decreasing

  • power function

  • Fibonacci

  • Display Array

  • Display Array Reverse

  • Maximum element in an array

  • Find a given x inside an array and returns its index

  • Bubble Sort

  • Check if array is sorted

  • Sum of an array

  • Selection Sort

  • 2048

  • Check if 7 is present: last, begin, all

  • Binary Search

  • String to Integer: “2048” to 2048

  • Merge Sort

  • Tower of Hanoi

  • N Queen

  • Sudoku Solver

  • Subsequence

  • Permutation

  • String Codes 123 → lc, abc …

  • Keypad Problem 23→ad, ae, af

  • Rat in a maze

  • Quick Sort

Section 8: Linked List
  • Implementing a Linked list
    1. Creating a Node
    2. Add Last
    3. Add First
    4. Add at Index
    5. Remove Last
    6. Remove first
    7. Remove at Index
    8. Traverse a Linked list
  • Sorting a Linked List
  • Reverse a Linked List [Iteratively, recursively] [by Data and Pointers]
  • Find Length of a Linked List (Iterative and Recursive)
  • Add two numbers represented by linked lists
  • Intersection point of two Linked Lists.
Section 9: Stack and Queues
  • Implementing Stack and Queues
  • Stack Questions
    1. Prefix to Infix Conversion
    2. Prefix to Postfix Convers
Section 10: Dynamic Programming
  1. Intro ·

    • Tabulation vs Memoizatation

    • Optimal Substructure Property

    • Overlapping Subproblems Property

    • How to solve a Dynamic Programming Problem?

  2. Basic Problems

    • Factorial of a number

    • Fibonacci

    • Minimum number of jumps to reach end

  3. Advance Problem

    • Longest Common Subsequence

    • Longest Increasing Subsequence

    • Edit Distance

    • Minimum Partition

    • Ways to Cover a Distance

    • Longest Path in Matrix

    • Subset Sum Problem

    • Optimal Strategy for a Game

    • 0-1 Knapsack Problem

    • Boolean Parenthesization Problem

    • Shortest Common Supersequence

    • Matrix Chain Multiplication

    • Partition problem

    • Rod Cutting

    • Coin change problem

    • Word Break Problem

    • Maximal Product when Cutting Rope

    • Dice Throw Problem

    • Box Stacking

    • Egg Dropping Puzzle


Aman Kumar

Placed At Microsoft

Bittoo Aggarwal

Placed at ION Trading

Vikas Kumar Jha

Placed at ZS Associates
(6 Star at codechef)


Foundation to Crack Coding Interview of Big Giants Like Facebook, Microsoft, Google etc.

STARTING FROM Rs. 500/- Only

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See what people are saying

Bittoo bhaiya is an all rounder in Information Technology world . He has a good knowledge of almost all trending technologies. His style of teaching is amazing and he is very down to earth person. I recommend everyone to learn DS Algo from Bittoo bhaiya’s course and thank me later.

Hiten Arya

Geeksforgeeks Intern

Bittoo Bhaiya and Aman Bhaiya has proved to be both a wonderful problem solver and a dedicated senior. He is a flawless mentor, an absolute expert in his field, a very helpful & nice person. He is always ready to help even at midnight hours. I know him for three years and I have learned from him more than I could ever expect. His patience for my tricky questions is something I will always value. Anyone will be lucky to have him on-board.

Sagar Singla

(Codechef rating 1992, codeforces Expert)

Bittoo Aggarwal and Aman Kumar said that “My mentor is always there to give me unbiased opinion.He gives me perspective, and sometimes makes me think about things in different light.It is great to have someone giving me advice who has made something of their carrer because you can drawfrom their experiences.”

Ravipati Ramya

Thinkerspoint’s Student


Ques 1 : Who can take this Course?

Ans. If you are looking for How to crack ???

Ques 2 : What do we need, to Crack Coding interviews ?

Ans: Major Companies nowadays don’t consider your college background. So your college background is out of the question now. You just need to have the skills-set. Right now Companies want problem-solving skills and strong fundamentals of Computer Science subjects(i.e. Operating System, DBMS, OOPs ) in their candidates and to empower the problem solving we need to have a strong foundation of Data Structure and Algorithms.

Ques 3 : What Skills Companies are Looking in you?
  • Problem Solving​
  • Efficiency​
  • Strong Fundamentals​
  • Consistency​
  • Communication Skills [You must be able to convey your thoughts
Ques 4 : I am having college lectures or XYZ internship, How can I manage time for this?

Ans : College curriculum won’t solely prepare you for industries, its one of the main reason students are recommended to do projects and internships. All the students who have made it to big companies managed their learnings with their classes and internships. You just have to maintain above average GPA and then it hardly matters.

Ques 5 : Do’s and Don’t for placements?
  1. Solving Data Structure & Algorithm Problems​
  2. Have A mentor​, who can motivate you in difficult times.
  3. Choose your Companions wisely.​
  4. Stop Running Towards the useless Certifications and Fake Internships​
  5. Start effectively using LinkedIn, make Connections and remain updated with job openings
  6. Start reading about Interview Experiences from the candidates placed in your dream companies
Ques 6 : What you can expect from thinkers-point?
  1. Unbiased Guidance from well-placed mentors toward preparation to crack your dream companies.
  2. Strong fundamental knowledge of Data Structure and Algorithm
  3. Strong alumni Base for referrals.
  4. Regular updates of vacancies. [LinkedIn Page for job updates]